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ReBrandiz Presents: Top Instagram Trends of the Week for Maximum Engagement!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Instagram Reels have become a vital component of social media marketing strategies and we ReBrandiz is well aware of it. With their short, engaging, and easily shareable format, Reels offer businesses a powerful tool to reach and captivate their target audience. Leveraging Reels can boost brand visibility, increase engagement, and drive conversions in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Trending reels audio by ReBrandiz
ReBrandiz take on Instagram reels

Also, when it comes to following top Instagram trends, Audios play a vital role. Selecting a trending audio or an audio which is about to boost may help you in increasing engagement and reach of your Instagram account.

Hence ReBrandiz has come in as a helping hand, presenting you top 5 Instagram trends to follow this week: June'23

  1. Original Audio by Scoopwhoop.

Scoopwhoop- Trending reels audio research by ReBrandiz

This Instagram audio has less than 3K views and it is already on trending. You can make following types of reels:

  • Indian makeup transition

  • Show your dance talent

  • Show a beautiful destination where you have travelled

  • Mini (a-day-in) Indian vlog

  • Outfit transition

2. Uday Chopra- Dilbara (Instrumental)

Uday Chopra Trending reels audio research by ReBrandiz
Uday chopra

This instagram Audio is the classic music for romance every indian knows - Dilbara, O dilabara apan ki tu, apan tera! And the most amazing thing, it has less than 10k reels and is on trending! So, no doubt, you will have to make something romantic on this tune of romance! Let me share you some my ideas:

  • Recreate a classic Uday Chopra scene on this song

  • Showcase what you shopped online

  • Show a romantic place which reminds you of your lover

  • A romantic text video can definitely work

  • Showcase what you did on your romantic date your partner

  • Last but not the least, show your romantic aesthetic

3. Original Audio by gukholic_

gukholic_ Trending reels audio research by ReBrandiz
Original audio

Ahh! Whatta sassy audio!!! This sassy audio and only 5402 reels? Well, this is surely gonna blow up! See what you can make with this one:

  • Showcase your sexiest outfit

  • Show where you partied that night with your friends!

  • Independent women vibe reels

  • Combine different pictures to make it a reel

  • Hearthrobbing destination to visit

  • Best party places

.......And more!

4. Original Audio by dennismik

dennisik Trending reels audio research by ReBrandiz
Trending reels audio

Wow, whatta fun audio! Well, this isn't the original music, but this one is definitely blowing up on Instagram!!! Well, let's see what can you make!

  • Fun dance reel either alone or with a group of your friends.

  • Fun activities you love to do!

  • You can display your products

  • Showcase what are the fun activities to do in your niche

  • Show some facts which are rarely known by people but are important

  • Show what you wore to what!

  • Also, you can make fun transitions using this audio.

5. High taste by alanshor_deptstore

High tatse- Trending reels audio research by ReBrandiz
High taste

Wow, again a sassy audio on trend to Showcase your GRWM. So, let me tell you what all you can make using this audio.

  • GRWM Video

  • Makeup transition

  • You can try making reel with relatable sassy POV.

  • Tell your audience How-to in your niche

  • Gym motivation videos

  • Dark pun intended videos

Or you can make a reel on "36 din mei paisa double" vali scheme! Just kidding

So here, Rebrandiz is taking a leave. Comment down if you really loved this blog and if you want weekly instagram trending audio so that we can be your guide online to boost your instagram.

Also, if you want us personally for your brand, Mail us at or you can message us on our Instagram.

Also, do leave comments on this blog! Ta-daaaa!

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Pragya Tiwari
Pragya Tiwari
Jun 12, 2023

Amazing and Useful ✨

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